Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who seek greatness within you, even when you don’t see it in yourself.
— Lewis Howe

Robyn Donnelly


Robyn’s career path looks a lot like that squiggly line to success with experience in a variety of fields. However what they all have in common is client services, which she not only has sixteen years of experience in but also has a strong passion for.  She believes that the success of a company is defined on not only how they treat their customers but also their employees.

Robyn started working in the commercial photography industry after graduating from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Photography. Several years into that industry led her unexpectedly from photography into special events, catering and account management; Robyn decided to return to school and earned her Master’s Degree in Marketing at Baruch College.  While working for her graduate degree part time, Robyn worked as a Special Events Manager, Production Assistant, Event Captain and Bar Manager.  

Growing tired of small spaces and the public transit system,  she decided to hit the road.  She lived in Florida for a year working as an Event Sales and Marketing Coordinator before realizing that she missed the endless stream of culture, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of a big city.  Looking for a new place to call home, she decided heading slightly back north to Nashville would be the best place.  Robyn has always been interested in experiences and truly enjoys helping others whether it be the “crazy” request or just foreseeing someone else's needs before they do.

Katie MacLachlan

Katie MacLachlan has over 10 years experience designing for a variety of industries including retail, film, fashion, media and tech startups. The majority of her career has been creating revenue-generating products while advocating for the best customer service.

Katie has a long list of successful freelance clients and is an integral part of the Hearst Digital Media team in NYC. At Hearst, she is the lead UX designer on the their proprietary content marketing platform built to serve 300+ sites globally. She spearheaded pivoting the design process, changing site redesign time from a minimum of 6 months to 2 weeks. She has worked across multiple disciplines including front-end development, UX design, Visual Design, Research and Product Development. With her team she provides users with a truly enhanced experience, whose new monthly content production has risen 75 percent. At the same time, average visits per piece published have risen 250 percent.

Katie has always excelled by finding the inefficiencies and turning them into paths to profit. In all tasks, she takes a user-centered approach to product design. Meeting business objectives while providing exceptional user experience are at the forefront of any project she works on and she is a strong believer that research and data should lead business decisions.