Work Smarter

Time is your most valuable resource. We assess all workflows for process breakdowns and inefficiencies of any scale.  We can help you improve existing operations as well as develop new systems and procedures to get the most out of your time. We provide recommendations on tools that help to combat organizational complexity and include training materials to ensure bad habits don’t creep back in.



Build Loyalty 

Do your customers feel excited after interacting with your company?  We can help identify key tipping points that will allow both you and the customer to get the most out of every engagement. We practice user-centered design and make data-driven decisions to balance business strategy with exceptional customer experience. Our goal is for every person (client, customer and employee) who interacts with your company to become an ambassador for your brand.


Maximize Revenue

Are you fully utilizing every aspect of your product and process for revenue? We are not accountants, but we are creative problem solvers who can bring a new perspective on how to capitalize on what you already have in place. We look at making the dollars you put in stretch further and assess how to make more money off of existing revenue streams. Our strategy hinges on incremental improvements that make a big impact over time.


WHO we are

Robyn Donnelly

Robyn Donnelly

Robyn has over 15 years of client service experience in a variety of industries.  She believes that the success of a company is not only defined by how they treat their customers but also their employees. Her skill set includes Marketing, Sales, Guest Relations, Bar and Restaurant Management, Event Planning, Staff Training, Team Management and Photography.  Robyn has always been interested in experiential immersion and truly enjoys helping others whether it be the “crazy” request or just foreseeing someone else's needs before they do themselves.  


Katie MacLachlan

Katie MacLachlan has over 10 years of product design experience and has worked with everyone from mom and pop shops to global brands. She practices user-centered design thinking to create revenue-generating products while advocating for the best customer service. Her expertise includes UX Design, Visual Design, Front-End Development, User Research, Packaging, Branding and Product Development. Katie has always excelled by finding the inefficiencies and turning them into paths to profit.

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